First blog post

Welcome to my life style blog! This is my very 1st blog post! You may wonder why I decided to create a blog. The answer is simple. Curiosity. I’m a curious cat!

I’ve always been interested in reading people’s blogs, but it wasn’t until recently when I spontaneously thought: if I can read blogs, then how about I try to make one? Surely I’m creative enough, right? Blogs are meant to be unique. There is no such thing as a right or wrong blog.

I began jotting down random things that interest me. I always knew that I found expressing things/feelings/creativity easier in writing rather than other channels.  Once I created a decent list of topics and interests I realized it appeared very similar to that of my Pinterest page. As much as I love pinning it was always just an expression of my likes but I never had the opportunity to express my feelings.

What can you expect from this blog? I’d say a lot of random  posts that will give you a glimpse of who I am. You will likely see way too many posts about kitties, but hey, I’m not called a crazy cat lady for nothing.

Disclaimer: spelling and grammar is not my strong point, so my apologizes in advance if they are not up to par with your standards. 


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