My guilty pleasure

Vino! Nothing better than a chilled glass of white after a rough week. This past summer I took a drive down the bottleneck drive in the Okanagan. This truly is a hidden gem and the best way to spend an afternoon. With such a wide selection of wineries in such a short distance you are guaranteed to find a wine that suits everyone’s needs.

 I stumbled across a winery that I fell in love with called, dirty laundry. The 1st thing that got my attention was obviously the name, and secondly there decore and unique bottles. After wandering around a bit, looking at the rows on rows of grapes and breath taking view I decided it was time for a tasting. (On a side note, they have beer on tap too for thoes who aren’t winos). I tried a variety, but love the Riesling & Say Yes Pinot Gris. Both are delicious flavourful wines great for summer drinking.

 Sadly I only purchased 6 bottles total and I have definitely learned my lesson, when you find something you like buy the farm (or in this instance, a case).  Three months later I only have one bottle left that I’m saving for a rainy day. On the bright side this just means it gives me an excuse to go back next year and next time I won’t be so cheap (I’m as thifty and cheap as they come which I’m sure you will learn from my future posts).


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