I recently decided to try something new, a spin bike! I’ve always been active. I work out daily and do a combination of weight training and cardio. I knew my daily elliptical workout wasn’t doing much for my body anymore and it as not satisfying. It was time for a drastic change and challenge!

 Over time your body just gets use to the same excerise even if you adjust the speed and resistance.

 I started researching spin bikes and studios in my area. Classes aren’t cheap, but most group fitnesses classes aren’t. Initially I was intimidated by the intensity of doing a group class in a studio.  Im not saying challenges are bad, because challenging your body to see what it is capable of is the best feeling ever! I decided that since I had never sat on a spin bike I would familiarize my self with the bike 1st and build up my endurance before signing up for a group class. (I was also waiting for the new local studio to open. There grand opening was last weeekend, yay!).

 I completed my 1st workout on a spin bike  at my local gym. I started off with 30 minutes, adjusting the resistance every minute or so, and I must say it was the best work out ever! I wish I had more time because I would have stayed longer. I had my music cranked and I was in the zone and super motivated. The amount I was sweating and the burning sensation coming from my legs was so rewarding. No pain no gain! From that moment I was hooked. It burns so many calories and gives me so much energy to keep going all day long. 

The only con was the bruised bum I had to deal with for the 1st week, although it passed it definitely made it difficult to get on the bike day 2 &3 but I knew if I pushed through, It would be worth it. I still plan on going to the studio for classes, but for the time being im going to continue to work on my endurance. 

A note to everyone who was not tried a spin bike I’d highly recommend it! 

The benefits of spin


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