A thrifty day in Whistler ❄️

Do you ever have the urge that you need to get away for a day or two, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? I definitely know the feeling, sometimes you need to break free from the regular grind. I’ve put together a list of things I would suggest to do if you have a day in Whistler. This list is a thrifty way to have a good time, with out breaking the bank. This is more geared towards people that don’t wanna play on the mountain, nor want to go out partying. Don’t get me wrong, Whistler is great for those things also, but sometimes relaxing is nice too! 

1. McDonalds for cheap breakfast eats 

2. If your not into skiing or snowboarding then why not go for a walk along one of the many lakes that are near by the village. Green lake and lost lake are both beauties.

3. Needing an afternoon pick me up after your walk? Why not grab a hot drink from Starbucks or visit Cows for a tasty ice cream. 

4. Walk around the village, do some shopping and take a picture by the Olympic Rings. 

5. Need something cheap for lunch? Why not try El Furniture Warehouse, all food is $4.95! It’s typical bar food but the portions are decent and you can’t go wrong for $5. Keep in mind this place does get busy! Try to go after lunch time and before the dinner rush. 

6. Now it might be time for a little r&r, head back to your hotel and spend sometime in the hot tub. May as well take advantage of the amenities since your paying for them.

7. Looking for something different for dinner? Why not try Mexican! I’ve personally never been to “the Mexican corner” but I’ve heard some great things about it. 

8. There are also a number of breweries, bars, nightclubs, and a vodka lounge (3 below, you are given a parka and you get to have a drink in a ice lounge, talk about in interesting concept!).


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