Suffering from dry skin due to the winter weather?

Here is a list of my dry winter skin/lip must haves: 

1. Blister lip medex is great for preventing dry chapped lips 

2. Nivea smooth replenishing hand cream– I wouldn’t leave home without this! 

3. Eucerin Aquaphor– a fantastic multipurpose healing ointment 

4. Suffer from eczema? I would recommend the Polysporin eczema cream

5. Coconut oil! I put that sh*t on everything 

6. I wouldn’t go a day without using Vaseline problem skin therapy, it’s extremely moisturizing and works very well on exzema. 

7. La Roche-Posay Lipikar Bauer AP+, this stuff is a bit high end when it comes to lotion. A 400ml tube will run you about $33 from London Drugs, though this is safe for the entire family, including babies. London drugs has a value pack right now for $33 which includes a shower lotion and a cute hippo cap for the lid of the loption making it even more kid friendly. 

This winter I have used a combination of these products and have pretty much been eczema free thus far! My trick was to treat it before it got too out of hand. 


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