My HCG Journey

Hcg dietPre loading weight: 152.6 lbs

Post loading weight: 157.4

Goal weight 135 lbs

Writing about something so personal such as my weight loss is not easy! I never thought I would have the guts to actually post this! But here it goes!

I find reading other peoples weight loss journeys very motivating and I hope mine will do the same. I plan on blogging my progress on this HCG diet adventure. HCG is a very strict protocol that consists of 2 fat loading days and then 21,30 or 40 days of a very low calories diet (VLCD) while taking HCG drops that help suppress your appetite. The daily diet consists of 2 servings of fruit, two 100g servings of protein, two 100g servings of veggies and 2 Melba toast. There are a lot of dos and donuts for this diet for example you cannot mix your veggies, you can only have certain fruit etc. So I highly suggest you take a look at this link for more details.
HCG diet Canada

I did this diet 2 years ago, I completed a 40 day round took a 40 day break and then did another 21 day round. I was very successful, I followed it to a tee and lost 46 lbs. I have managed to keep most of it off, until the last 6 months or so when I went on vacation gained between 5-7 lbs that I can’t seem to lose. Though I got close and I was 4 lbs away from my pre vacay weight and then in spiralled. Over this past holiday season I’ve been saying yes to a lot more treats than I normally would making me feel super gross about my self. I knew that original 5-7 lbs was a slippery slope. ( pre vacay weight 140 lbs, pre xmas weight 146)
I plan on doing another 21 day cycle which will begin strict tmrw, Jan 2. This diet is very strict and you cannot cheat while on the program. It begins with 2 fat loading days where you eat as much fatty foods as possible it is probably the best days of my life because I can eat guilt free. During these 2 days you take your “drops” as if you are following the strict protocol. These drops help suppress your appetite as the diet only consists of 500 calories a day. The food you are allowed on this diet is very similar to the Dr. Bernstein diet but a fraction of the price. Most people would not approve, but it keeps me motivated knowing I’m losing 1-2 lbs every day! I’m assuming by the time I weigh in tmrw I will be 158 lbs (I didn’t want to be more than 155). I was 146 on Christmas Day, as you can see I gain weight very quickly, and it takes a lot of discipline to keep it off and because I knew I was starting this I throughly enjoyed indulging the week leading to New Years.
In order to be successful on this protocol you must be organized and meal prep! Don’t let your self get hungry and not have a meal readily available or it will be a recipe for disaster.
I plan on blogging my thoughts and feelings throughout this 21 days. My goal is to break my emotional attachment with food, eating makes me and many other people so happy, it makes you feel good when you are feeling bad and I’m determined to fight this. I want to eat to fuel my body, not because my feelings want too. I find the easiest way for me to remain successful on this protocol is to be a hermit. It’s difficult being in social settings when you can’t participate. I want to take this time to do some self reflection. It’s so unfortunate that most social actives revolve around eating and drinking. My liver will enjoy the break as you cannot drink on this protocol, it’s taken a bit of a beating this month.
I find starting a diet much easier in January because 1. Most people are motivated and on some sorta health kick so there is less temptation 2. January is kinda a crappy month and there is not much happening. Plus if you start now you will be summer ready! I’m also going to Mexico at the beginning of March so keeping that in the back of my mind should keep me focused through the rough times. I’ve cleaned out my cupboards and disposed of any temptation I’m so ready!!!!!!

Dec 31/ Jan 1- the past 2 days I’ve been fat loading. Eating pizza, nachos, Icecream, chocolate, peanut butter. Day 1 was easy but today (day 2) I’m feeling sick full and fat!!! The HCG is starting to kick in so I’m less hungry that I would normally be. I know tmrw will be rough so I plan on cleaning the house and going for a walk in the snow. I know I will just need to keep busy and keep my mind off it.

I plan on doing my meal prep every Sunday and Thursday. For this weeks Monday- Thursday menu I have made 100 g of baked cod with cayenne pepper since I love spicy and can’t use saracha . I also made 100 g of baked chicken with Mrs. Dash seasoning and flavour God spices (I can only use spices that don’t have any added salt). For vegetables I steamed 100g portions cauliflower rice (I found it all diced at prepared at save on, you pay a premium but it’s handy but since cauliflower is actually a heavier vegetable, it looks like a larger portion when it’s all diced). I also added tiny bit of braggs amino it’s a healthier alternative to soy sauce. My second vegetable is 100g portions of cucumbers which is far from exciting lol. I also sliced some lemon for my cod and some fresh basil for my chicken. I don’t like cooking everyday I’d rather just spend a couple hours a couple times of week in the kitchen. Keep in mind that your food scale will be your best friend during the meal prepping.
Since I can’t put cream in my coffee I have purchased Yerba Mate tea and stash cinnamon apple tea as some alternatives. When I did this diet 2 years ago I wasn’t a coffee drinker so this year might be a bit more challenging. I use to drink coffee black which is allowed on the protocol, but I went on a trip to the Dominican Republic they where they put very large amounts of cream in there coffee and from there I was hooked. I also have my handy 2L Popeyes water jug to ensure that I drink 1.5-2 of those daily. The biggest thing about this diet is to keep your water intake up!

The supplements I plan on taking will be my usual: vitamin c, and then my b12 complex and when I feel dizzy or sluggish I will take a potassium pill.

Day 1:

So after loading I weighed in at a whopping 157.4, 2 lbs higher than my goal, so now I have 22 lbs to lose in the next 21 days, seems do able, right? Loading seems so ridiculous but it’s part of the protocol to help keep you feeling more full for the 1st couple days of VLCD. I also didn’t have a very good sleep because I was literally dreaming about this diet. I woke up starving, but after I had my black coffee I felt slightly better. I find the 1st 72 hours the toughest. I skipped my morning workout which killed me given I’m use to working out atleast once sometimes twice a day and I’m skipped on the last 2 in a row. Tmrw I will get back at it, but do something low impact like spin or walking on an incline. Around 11 I had a cup of Yerba mate tea and that kept me going until 1230 which is when I had my chicken, basil and cucumber salad and I squeezed lemon on it and pretended it was dressing. I then went for a 2 hour walk which is also another reason why I thought it was okay to miss the gym. After my walk I had my apple and my apple cinnamon herbal tea. It is now 5:15 pm and I’m starving for dinner, I trying to wait until 6, and then I can have my last fruit at 8. So just need to keep my mind busy for the next 45 minutes and chug my water. I’m only downed 2/4 litres of my daily intake thus far. I also failed on doing my hip waist and thigh measurements this morning but I will make sure to do it tmrw am, because sometimes when the scale doesn’t budge you actually lose inches. I had my dinner around 6, slightly earlier than normally so hopefully tmrw I will last til 7. Dinner was delicious but now I’m counting down til 8 pm when I can have my orange.

Day 2:

Weighed in this morning at 152.2! Feeling motivated AF! Pre xmas (dec 23) I was 146, so that’s my mini goal. From there I’ll re evaluate to my goal of 135. I found the stretch from 9 am – 1145 when I had my apple the toughest! I’m not going to sugar coat this, I was starving!!!!!! I hit the gym on my lunch and did some light spin and then ate my delicious cauliflower and cod around 3 and had chicken and cucumbers at 7. I also had a diet a&w root-beer which is not allowed! I’m suppose to drink zevia pop which j have purchased in the past from Natures Fare. I also had 4 pieces of trident gum today as because of the artificial sweeteners it’s also not allowed, so I’m crossing my fingers that I continue to lose, I need out of the 150s, bring me back to the one 140’s please! I’ll finish my night off with a sliced orange. Other than the hunger pains this morning I’ve felt great all day! I’m guessing my sugar headaches will begin tmrw. Thursday I plan on checking to see if I’m “burning” or in other words ketosis. Ketosis is a state at which the body has an extremely high fat-burning rate. Even the brain runs on fat, via ketone bodies. Typically it takes my body 3 days of strict eating to enter this state. I don’t find the weekdays that difficult but the weekends tend to be boring. I’ve already consumed +2L of water today, keeping my intake up!

Day 3:
Weighed In at 149.4! I just keep telling my self I need to get back to my pre xmas weight (146). This morning I did 35 minutes of low intensity spin. I’m so use to working out every morning that I actually find it more difficult to miss a work out than to just wake up and get errr done. I was hungry this morning and the stretch from 9-11:45 kills me. Once I had my apple I was good to go. I got busy at work and didn’t end up having lunch until 345! Then dinner at 730, and I plan on having my orange at 830. I haven’t eaten my Melba’s yet though I know I need too. I had a rough time this after noon and when I went grocery shopping I was feeling extremely edgy. Too much temptation! Just trying to stay focused! Had to keep telling my self that it’s only day 3, I got this!! Yesterday I purchased a health and fitness journal/planner from Michaels. It came complete with a pen, motivating stickers and the planner/calendar to write in. I thought a little bit of visual imagery would keep me going. Plus it’s a great way to keep a food diary. I also have the “my fitness-pal” app that I use regularly. It’s a great resource to find out what is in the food you eat. This evening I started getting a headache which is what I figured would happen on day 3, it’s part of the detox. Our bodies actually get addicted to sugar so when you completely cut it out your body will go through withdraw. Fingers crossed it will pass by tmrw. Lunch/dinner was my usual chicken/fish, but tmrw is meal prep day, so I’ll be making a prawn/cauliflower soup and ground turkey taco lettuce wraps, which I will eat Friday-Sunday and Sunday I will prep for Monday-Thursday meals. I find doing 4 days which is 8 meals at a time the easiest. Not too much so I’m not in the kitchen for ever and just enough that I don’t feel like I’m cooking everyday.

Day 4:

147.2! Getting closer!! I started the morning checking my urine to see if I was in ketosis. This strips you can purchase over the counter at the pharmacy at most grocery store for around $10. I was only burning at the 1st level which is good because I’m only 3 full days in. Tmrw I should be higher. Today I was not hungry at all but I started getting my detox headache which I’ve had all day. I’ve also been cold but im always good so nothing really new there. I ate my usual but had lunch late, it was almost 4pm by the time I ate! and I just finished my meal prep for the next 4 days. On the menu I have shrimp, cauliflower and basil soup with a no salt added chicken broth and fresh herbs and ground turkey with taco/chilli seasoning and lettuce for lettuce wraps. I will admit I did not measure my food out properly typically I would weigh it which is highly recommended and I would most definitely suggest it, but instead I eyeballed it. It was a long day at work, I no, it’s no excuse. I may regret this decision if the scale increases over the weekend. The 1st time I did this I did not break protocol, I literally weighed out every single thing down to the bitter end. My suggestion for the day is to read all packaging! This diet is a way of eating clean as the protocol doesn’t not allow for anything processed. As I was making my ground turkey I thought I would throw in my mr dash salt free taco seasoning I began pouring into my turkey when I decided maybe I’ll read the packaging and sure enough, wheat flour was in it!!! That is not something you would have assumed had you not read the package. I immediately stopped pouring but I had already added some. I didn’t want to be wasteful so I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t gain, if I do, I know why. Also, today I have been quiet thirsty and was done my 2L jug by 3pm, I’ve also noticed that I’ve taken way less trips to the bathroom, so my, body is adjusting to the fluid intake.

Day 5:

145.8! I haven’t weighted this since December 16th so yay me! I lost my post Christmas weight. Today I felt great, my headache is gone and I’m not hungry at all! Food crosses my mind because of the habit more than the hungry feeling. Water is getting easier to drink, I feel more thirsty and visit the washroom much less than I did on Monday. I Enjoyed my shrimp soup that I had for lunch, it was delicious! It’s Friday today so I’m a little worried about the weekend coming up but I know I can do this!! Today I started a podcast called Earn Your Happy by Lori Harder. It’s about finding ways to be happy, motivated and inspired in your every daylife. She is an inspiring speaker and I would highly recommend it to all you girls out there!

Day 6:

143.8!!!! Soo motivated! 8 lbs until I hit my goal of 135 lbs. Today I killed my arm work out and then went for an hour and a half walk so hopefully that’s not too much excessive for my day. I have not had enough water today so I need to start chugging. I didn’t have lunch until almost 4 today bad bad bad! But because I knew I would be out for most of the day I thought I would bring my food with me. It’s important to be prepared at all times in order to stay accountable. I also had a herbal tea from Starbucks, pretty sure I wasn’t suppose to have it according to the protocol but we shall see what the scale says tmrw. It was so delicious. Other than that I’m feeling great! No headaches feeling lean and full of energy. Tmrw is meal prep day so I have steak and tomatoes and spinach and prawns on the menu. I figured I’d have a form of seafood with my steak because the steak is higher in calories and I’m not too sure how my body will react. I’m so excited so matienence to start. I just wanna mix my veggies! This diet make you appreciate clean eating so much more! It’s really not that bad. I checked my ketosis this morning and I was only burning at the 1st level, it could be because I’m not following this diet to a tee like I did the 1st time. I screwed up and didn’t have dinner until 9 pm! I thought it would be too unhealthy to skip even though it was late and close to bed time. I never got around to eating my orange or my Melba because I fell asleep.

Day 7:

143.8, no losses today, I blame TOM or my stupid late dinner. Down a total of 13.6 lbs, 8 lbs until I reach my goal. I woke up starving this morning, so it was rough trying to make it to my 11:45 am apple time. I skipped my morning gym sesh and opted for 40 minutes of ice skating instead, I hadn’t done it in over 7 years! So it was nice to get back on the ice. I want to continue to be active while following this protocol, but I just have to see how my body is feeling, I don’t want to do anything strenuous just keep moving. It’s 6 pm right now, and I’m way under my water intake for the day. I had a late Lunch, 4 pm and I wasn’t home much to drink so I’m playing catch up. Other than feeling hungry this morning I’m feeling fine right now. I just completed another 4 days of meal prep, steak and tomatoes and shrimp & spinach soup. I also checked ketosis this morning and I was burning +3. If your unfamiliar with ketosis or the ketosis strips take a look at this link:

Day 8:

143.0, not complaining, some is better than nothing! Felt totally fine today. Not the slightest bit hungry and was also in ketosis +3 again! Still drinking +2L of water daily and also did my 30 minutes of spin this afternoon. I’ll be finishing the night off with some shrimp and cauliflower soup. I was going to do my measurements today but I think I’ll wait until I’ve been following this for 14 days, I’m already seeing and feeling a huge difference in the way my clothes are fitting. I have 8 more pounds until my goal so crossing my fingers I can get there. I know these last few will be the stubborn ones. My entries are getting shorter as there is less and less to write about because I’m feeling great!

Day 9:

143.0 no losses today but had a killer headache all day and very tired. Only +2 in ketosis. Today has been long, my body is tired though I don’t think it has anything to do with the diet, just a long work week. I also did my 30 minutes of spin, fairly low intensity as I did wake up with a headache.

Day 10:

142.2, getting so close! Today I had my spinach and shrimp soup and my steak and tomatoes. My body seems to be reacting to the beef fine which is great! I forgot to check my ketosis this morning but I figure as long as I check every other day just to make sure I’m still burning. I also took a detox bath, fill the tub with hot hot water with a cup or so of Epsom salt, you have to soak in it for 20 minutes. I always bring in some ice water to still stay hydrated because boy will you sweat!!! This can usually help you break your plateaus and if not, it warms you up!

Day 11:

141.8 half way!!!!!! And down 15.6 lbs!!! almost at my pre Hawaii weight, nothing but positive vibes! Started my morning off with my 30 minutes of spin, ate the same thing that I’ve had the past couple of days and then meal prepped my next 4 days worth of meals: chicken cabbage and beef broth soup and ground chilli turkey with cauliflower rice!. Typically I would have one serving of meat and one serving of fish in a day because the fish is lower in calories but I wanna try having 2 meat servings and see what happens. Other than that, no hunger pains and no headaches!

Day 12:

140.8, 5 more pounds! Did a killer back workout this morning, hoping it doesn’t make me retain water. I was +2 in ketosis this morning. I’m feeling good today, my only complaint is I’m freezing!!!! I had a late lunch again around 4 pm which means I had dinner at 730 and my orange at 830. I find my much more hungry in the evening which is the worst time to eat but atleast I’m still losing. Slowly and surely I will reach my goal.

Day 13:

140.2, getting close! Today was arm day at the gym and boy was I weak! I couldn’t lift nearly as heavy as I could last week. I was also feeling really dizzy while I was there. Later in the day I realized it was probably because I was coming down with a head cold. I went for another 45 minute walk, very low impact as it was very icy. The rest of the day I took it easy. I cannot get sick!!!!!! I had my beef broth with chicken soup for lunch and my ground turkey and cauliflower for dinner, it’s my new fav meal on this diet. So happy I discovered it. I was also +2 in ketosis so ill take it!

Day 14:

139.2, I have been absent for the past couple days as I’m coming down with a head cold. Haven’t been feeling very well today, I’m really weak. I was +3 in ketosis this morning! I still made it to the gym and did 35 minutes of low impact spin and then went for an hour long walk. I was out all day and didn’t have my 1st meal until 4:50 pm, because of my cold I had to force my food down (ground turkey and cauliflower rice) which is amazing I might add!!! It was so good that I actually made it again today, along with shrimp Brussels sprout (not sure if I’m allowed but I figured it was close enough to cabbage) and beef broth soup, it sounds strange but hopefully it turns out okay. We purchased an actifry today, the boy friend made yam fries which I couldn’t eat but omg this thing was made for fries!!! They looked soooo good!!! I also tried frying some sweet white onion with a drizzle of olive oil. I had to pat the oil off but I allowed my self to try some, so hopefully it doesn’t make me gain, so also just put chicken in it, cannot wait to give it a little taste. I’m so close to my goal and so close to being done VLCD. I cannot wait for Maintenance.

Day 15:

138.6! I’m sorry I have been slacking on my daily posts. This head cold is getting the best of me! I stayed strict on VLCD but then I had some extra onions in my ActiFry so crossing my fingers for a loss on day 16. I was +2 in ketosis this morning. Been extremely tired but I think that has a lot to do with my head cold. I took today as a rest day so no gym/walks for me. I’m feeling guilty about it but I know it’s for the best. I’ve started having chocolate cravings but they really aren’t that unbareable. I just try to keep my self distracted until the feeling passes.

Day 16:

139.2 I blame the onions!!! I’m not at all disappointed, I have done extremely well this round so I can’t complain. If I’m still up tomorrow then I will take a detox bath. I also did 35 minutes of spin this morning and was a lot more active, which is what my body is use too. I was +2 in ketosis so as long as I’m burning that’s all that matters right? It’s a week until I begin maintenance, I’m getting nervous hoping I  don’t gain. So excited to have more variety though. I’m definitely getting sick of my daily soups, but only one more week. I got this!!!

Day 17:

138.2!!! And 2 more days until I have my 3 days of no drops to allow it to get out of my system before beginning Maintenance. This morning I did my usual spin only 32 minutes though as this cold is kicking my butt! I had zero energy this morning and my body was aching but by mid afternoon I was beginning to feel better. I was +2 in ketosis again this morning. I also had a rough morning as I was extremely hungry but I fought through the stomach pains and powered through. I’m 3 lbs away from my goal, I can do this! As much as I’m mentally tired from the constant meal prepping and organizing and constantly keeping track of time to ensure that I eat at my scheduled times it’s almost over and boy has it been work it at least thus far! I took a detox bath again, hoping to be in the 137’s tomorrow am.

Day 18:

138.4, soooo close to the end. Oddly I went up this morning, not sure why but I’m not worried about it. I was +2 in ketosis again so it’s stable. Today I felt ok. I also did 30 mins of spin again, trying to stay as active as possible.

Day 19:

137.8 today is my last drop weight! Which means I cannot go 2 lbs above this or I will have to do a correction day which is outlined in the protocol. I took a detox bath, I really wanna lose these last 2 lbs. I went out last night later than I expected so I missed dinner which is a big no no! It was after 11 when I got home so I didn’t want to eat. Today was also back day at the gym and boy am I weak! I definitely can’t lift as heavy as I could prior to losing weight, but other than having a bout of anxiety I felt good today.

Day 20:

137.0!!! 2 more lbs!!!! Today is my 1st day without drops. I was hungry this morning because I made the be breakfast which I could eat so the smell of food got my appitette going 1st thing is morning. Today was arm day and I only lasted 30 minutes, but that’s better than nothing, right? By 12 pm I began getting a terrible headache. Now I’m not sure if it was from the lack of drops? Lack of caffiene ? Or the lack of water. I took 2 Advil and drank water but its 430 and its still here! More Advil! I miss coffee but I’m super proud of my self for weaning off my usual 3 cups of coffee/tea combined. Hate to admit it but I love nothing more than a nice hot drink, I find it so comforting especially in a chill office setting. My cravings are bad this evening and the fact the boyfriend is eating yam fries next to me isn’t helping, but I know I have to resist I’m 2 lbs away. I cannot wait for Maintence (which you will notice me refer to as M).

Day 21:

136.4!! Almost there!! +2 in ketosis again this morning and feeling much better than I did last night I believe I had the 24 hr flu. Today I did a light leg work out, slowing gotta get back into working legs. As soon as I hit my goal weight of 135, I will be switching to weights 5 days a week instead of 3 and then cardio for 2. I did my meal prep for M this after noon. For lunch I will be having taco flavoured ground turkey with cauliflower Rice on lettuce cucumbers and green onion, yay for being able to mix veggies again!! It sounds weird but making the ground beef taste like taco beef is amazing!! I’ll have my usual apple and orange as my snacks and shrimp soup for dinner. Oh and with lunch I’ll be having 1/2 of an avocado. I’ll do this for a couple of days too see how my body reacts if all is good then I’m going to have egg weights for breakfast. Honestly day one feels like so long ago now. I was originally worried about being hungry/bored on the weekends but I’ve officially survived 3 and all is well!! I also have not drank since Jan 1. As much as I love a glass of wine I feel so much better without it. I will make up for it in Mexico though ;). Next weekend I’m going to the keg for dinner so I plan on getting the smallest steak and steamed veggies, I will request no butter/oil to hopefully stay on protocol as much as possible.

day 22:

138.2, I’m not sure why I’m up nearly 2 pounds! Discouraging to say the least! I think it could be because yesterday was leg day and I tend to retain more water after leg day. I’m still fighting my flu and have had an on going Miagraine for the past 3 days. It’s really killing my energy. I’m going to assume the headache is flu related and not from detoxing off the drops. I have cut back to 1/2 of coffee but it’s been a week now so any symptoms related to that should have passed by now. Today I did my light 30 minutes of spin and tomorrow i begin M!!!! I could be any more excited to have some variety! Hopefully I’m down tomorrow because I have to keep in mind that I cannot go 2 lbs above my last drop weight otherwise I must do a correct day. Which consist of no food just water all day and then A very large steak in the evening. I’ve never had to do this so hopefully I don’t have to, but from what I read it does work!

Day 23:

137.6, still up a pound from my lowest and 2 lbs away from my goal, but today is the start of M!!! I’m going to keep my portions relatively the same size, but mix my veggies and add in half of an avacado, if I’m okay tomorrow when I weigh in the plan is do have a protein shake for breakfast. This morning I still woke up with my headache, I’m hoping it passes. I’m still really tired this week but I think it’s honestly flu related. I keep meaning to do my measurements so tomorrow morning for sure!! Other than that I’m just excited to begin another phase, Mexico is just around the corner I’m so ready!!! I was +2 in ketosis again both yesterday and today. And I’ve noticed that my daily gum intake has increased so I need to work on getting that back down. It’s such a bad habit!! I’m cravings are okay, I had none in the beginning but I could really use some chocolate or an Tim Hortons steeped tea right about now, but that will have to wait a few more weeks. If my weight remains stable of this next week then I can begin week 2 of M and start trying even more foods!! It’s all about portion control. I also too a potassium pill yesterday and today incase it had anything to do with my lack of energy/headaches, so I wanted to be able to rule it out.

day 24:

137.0!!! 2 lbs away from my goal. I’m so happy I did this, I feel so good and full of energy! I can’t wait to increase my fitness level as soon as the weight is off, I know I should start now but I’m a little obsessed with the number of the scale. I did 30 mins of spin today, tomorrow I will increase my intensity. I got to have breakfast today!!!! 1/4 of egg whites and 1/4 of an avacado! It was amazing! Still +2 in ketosis and keeping my water intake up! Lunch was 100g ground turkey, 100g cauliflower, 1/4 avacado and handful of shredded lettuce. I ate late again and found it difficult to eat that much food, but it was leftovers from what I meal prepped for VCLD. Dinner is suppose to be cabbage and shrimp soup and I’ll end the night with my orange and herbal tea. I’m still having my daily diet root beer and cannot seem to break the habit. But on the plus side I have not drank for 23 days!!! The goal is 60, so I’m almost half way and I honestly don’t think it will be a problem. I’ve noticed my stomach has been upset the past 2 days, I think I will safely assume it’s the fat content of the avacado, so to ease some of the discomfort I’m taking a detox bath. I’m really hoping to be back in the 136’s so I can begin lifting and watching my muscles grow!! Since losing weight I’m definitely noticing more definition in my back and arm but I really wanna focus on my legs and shoulders next. I feel so motivated, healthy and ready. I think when you get use to eating poorly you forget what it feels like to feel you, you get use to having food hangovers/comas and feeling sluggish. I rarely feel tired after I eat, instead im full of energy.

Day 25:

136.0!!! So close that I can feel it. Today I had 1/4 cup egg whites, 1/2 avacad0, 100 g lettuce, 100 g ground turkey, Apple, orange, 100 g shrimp, 1 cup chicken broth and 100 g of cabbage/cauliflower. I’m feeling good!!! Drank well over 2l of water. I’m already starting to feel guilty about what I’m going to be eating in Mexico, I don’t want all this hard work to go to waste. I completed 30 mins of spin and increased my intensity, it felt great. Tmrw is back day and praying I reach my goal because that will mean I will be doing 5-6 days of weights and 1-2 days of cardio! Time to get jacked! Lol. I seem to be hoovering at +2 in ketosis so I’ll take it.

Day 26:

135.4! I made it, I have reached my goal!! Today I will start over a new leaf, weights 5 days a week. I will have a back day, arm day, shoulder day, and legs twice a week, yikes! Today was back day, I’m excited to gain my strength back. I was suppose to have egg whites this morning, but I was out all morning and missed them. The goal is for me not to lose anymore weight but to gain muscle and strength. I always hear people comment I don’t know how you could do this diet and follow this strict protocol. My answer is, if you want something bad enough you will put in the work to get it done.

Day 27:

135.0! Last night ended with a massive headache once again! I’m not sure at this point if it has anything to do with this diet. I know I get dehydrated easily and yesterday I didn’t drink much water early in the day as I was out running errands, I came home and made up for it but the headache had already set in. I woke up with it so I had to take 2 more Advil. I forgot to get my ketosis this morning and I still hve not done my measurements. I keep meaning too and then I have my morning coffee and forget. I know liquids cause bloat so I want to make sure I get a true reading before I eat or drink anything today. Today I’m going to the Keg for dinner in celebration of Chinese New Year. This will be the 1st time eating out since this whole thing began. I will be getting the 6 oz top sirloin and asparagus. I plan on telling them to use no sauce butter oil etc in my food, I figured since I’m paying for this service I was can be a little bit picky, at the end of the day it’s my health and my waste Carlories on something so silly as butter. I did arms today and wow, weak sauce!! It’s going to take me some time to get back to where I was before losing weight. I will be having my egg whites and 1/4 an avacado for breakfast and followed buy an egg later on this afternoon. Besides having this almost constant headaches I’m feel well and energized! I’m curious to see how the steak will affect me tomorrow am.

day 28:

132.8, my body must have thought I did a steak day? Not sure why I’m down so much after going out for dinner for the 1st time in nearly a month, and boy was it delicious!!! Today I had 1/2 cup egg whites, 1/2 avacado, apple, orange, too much diet soda and then went out for prime rib dinner only had green beans and broccoli skipped out on the mash. It was leg day today so I’m expect to be up tomorrow also I’m expecting TOM but I don’t expect to stay at this weight, I definitely did not drink enough water and didn’t get nearly enough sleep. I was +1 in ketosis which is what I seem to be hoovering around.

Day 29:

134.0, up which is what I expected. I’m more than okay with this weight and I have surpassed my goal. Today I will be sticking to my regular earring plan, no more restaurants and doing Spin today. This will be my only day of Cardio a week. I was also +1 in ketosis again. Tomorrow week 2 of M begins which means I’m going to try to add some fat free creamer in my coffee 🙌🏼. I have goals and I will accomplish them! I’m so motivated for the changes to come!! I’m so proud of my self for cutting out drinking as long as I have and managing in social settings we’re drinking is expected, and graciously turning it down without batting an eye. I got this!!!!

Day 30:

135.6, up 1.6, not sure why? I’m blaming TOM. I’ve increased my water intake so hopefully that will do it. Today was back day and tomorrow is shoulders! I’m a tad concerned because this is the muscle group that I’ve spent the least amount of time on so I’m going to be in for a rude awakening tomorrow AM. Not to mention lifting weights at 5:45 am is not an easy task!!  I’ve felt great all day, no headaches!!! My goal for the week is to try to get back down to 134, I want a little bit of wiggle room for when I go to Mexico, I’m expecting to put on 10-12 lbs during that week, so as soon as I’m back I’ll be back to the grind! It’s officially been 30 days since my last drink!!!! I feel so motivated and I’m so proud of my accomplishments this far. I also attempted to make my self a tea with stevia and creamer, took 5 sips and it was gross, definitely no Tim Hortons double double, instead of that I had a second cup of Yerba Mate tea. I was a bit sluggish this morning, waking up at 5 wears you out!

Day 31:

133.8, back down again; thankfully. Today I crushed my shoulder workout!! I did surprisingly better than I thought though I’m still fairly weak compared to 20 lbs ago. Today I was only +1 in ketosis, no idea why. I also ordered my large steeped tea from Tim Hortons with 2 milk; still trying to avoid sugar as much as I can for now or at least until my vacation.

Day 32:

132.8, I have no idea how I lost a pound! Tomorrow I suspect I will be up because I crushed legs this morning! And also had another Timmys tea with milk, but this time I got XL! And man was it delicious! I was out of ketosis but I’m completely alright with it, I don’t wanna lose anything else just tone up as much as possible. I’m now in week 2 of M which is where I continue introducing different foods, 1-2 a day.

Day 32 will be my last hcg post as I’ve reached my goal and my daily enteries are getting repetitive. As the days go on there is less to discuss. I feel amazing and I’m so happy that it’s feb 2nd and I’m done losing weight for the year! Now to maintain and build muscle. I’ve never felt more motivated and ready for my next endeavour! Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this extremely long wordy post about my HCG journey. Stayed tuned for furture posts about health and fitness!


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