What is Hygge? 

A month or so ago I purchased a new coffee table book called Hygge. It is the Danish art of happiness. For all of you that are curious how to say the word it is pronounced, ‘hue-guh’, this word describes a moment of happiness, warmth or togetherness found in the little things in life. 

Hygge has many shapes and forms and differs depending who you ask. The best part about Hygge is that there is no right or wrong. 

The reason I opted for a more coffee style book was because this is something I want to share with others/guests when they visit my home. This particular book is an easy read with photos which makes it easy for a guest to browse through. 

This book will help you find Hygge, how to create it, and help you appreciate just how important these moments are. 

Our lives have all become too dependent on modern technology, sometimes you need to switch off and remember to appreciate the small things. 

My Hygge moment today was sipping on my cup of earl grey tea and watching the snow fall. 


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